Melita Dine


My name is Melita Dine. I was born and raised in Germany. My parents' roots are from the Balkans. The connection to the Balkans has always been there. In the parental home was lived the culture and mentality of the Balkans and many languages were also spoken. This was reinforced with mother tongue supplementary classes.

With this project BALKAN Days of Change I would like to reconnect people.

With this project 'Balkan Days of Change' I want to support and accompany people, to find their own identity and, above all, to believe in themselves again.

Because I was born and raised in Germany my own identity was a big challenge for me. In the Balkan I was the German and in Germany the foreigner. I haven’t felt anywhere at home. Today, I am proud that both mentalities are in me and I know who I am and what matters and is important. The spontaneity, the joy and the warm-heartedness are, for example, qualities that I have from the Balkans in me. While organization, structure and planning are also parts of me, which I bring from the German mentality and culture. The mixture of both cultures is what makes me stand out today.

Balkan Days of Change is also my heart project.

My vision is to connect people and to support themselves and other people. To open the door to the heart and to be allowed to show our emotions. Only when you can see with your heart, you can see truly. And when you can truly see, you can recognize your potentials that you are carrying within you. Then we can create the new.

Who knows the history of the Balkans knows that the questions of nationality and religion confront us in everyday life. However, your own identity has nothing to do with nationality and religion. For many years, wars and battles existed for precisely this reason, and the after-effects are also strongly felt today in the succession generation. To be able to help these hearts, so that people can live more freely and happier and the next generation to be able to live in love and trust, is what I want to make with this project 'Balkan Days of Change'

Melita Dine

We believe in love, we respect every human being just as he is and create trust.

Our mission is to heal the truly willing hearts. The result brings new perspectives, inspiration and development of the new.

With our monthly events, we bring people together and we build a community, where they don’t only supports each other, build trust and share joy, but also develop the NEW.

Do you feel as spoken to this text and you really want to be happy and successful? You are welcome to visit us at our events, to come to our lectures or to meet us personally over a coffee or mocha.

We are looking forward to see you and you are already welcomed. The connection takes place regardless of your nationality, religion or origin.