Willingness to change, mutual acceptance, voluntary, trust and discretion are the basis of successful coaching. This base allows to clarify issues that otherwise remain unspoken, because a 'loss of face' is feared. Therefore, you can work on topics that were often neglected for years or in general. We focus on the positive forces and on alternative courses of action for the present and the future.

The coaching is personal, experiential and results-oriented.

There is your desire for change with you and your environment space. And the chance of real implementation.Specifically experienced situations are replayed in coaching exceed the safe and relived, for. Example, from different perspectives. According to the common reflection new behavior is tried, evaluated and used in everyday life consciously.

Use all that you have already inside you and find your best way. We accompany you with our profession as a coach in Life Coaching and Business Coaching.


As part of the extensive changes in the economy and society through digitalisation we support leading companies and public institutions to make their individual changes. The foundation for this is provided a profound expertise on the economy and a leading role in corporate transformations and organizational change.

The consultation is individually tailored to the individual and their needs. For questions and appointments please contact us by mail at

Training & Workshop

In a fast paced world, is the only reliable constant in the change, flexibility is the most important component of a successful development. This required flexibility is familiar to the test and raises essential questions:

How do I react to constant movement and change without own standpoint to lose?
How to make my usual practices adapt to new conditions and still remain true to my goals?
How to work effectively and with joy despite high pressure?
As I step towards my colleagues and business partners at any time safely and competently?

We give to our specially tailored training impetus for flexible action, practice using the concrete example situations alternatives for known patterns of action and give assistance as you can integrate what they have learned in practice in everyday life. In addition, you are optimizing the communication behavior in regard to keeping in touch with others.